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  1. Size: L93 x W90 x H42cm

    • Soft cushioned bath allows baby to bath in a safe padded cushion


  2. Size:W18 x H16 x D14.5cm

    • Using with Karibu Folding Bath
    • Holds bath toys, soap, shampoo
    • Keeps tub baby cleaning products neat yet within reach
    • With two divider container for easy organization, separate toys from baby cleaning   
    • Drain hole at the bottom keeps baby cleaning products clean and dry


  3. Size:W17.9 x H10.7 x D2.2cm

    The Stroller Hook is the perfect accessory for every buggy. The Stroller Hook will hold your bags & purse to keep your hands free to navigate your buggy.
  4. High breathable!
    (Suitable for respiration difficutly personal senior and kids!)

    - Disposable Earloop Face Mask (Adult)
    - Size: 175 x 95mm


    Comply with Eurpean and American disposable mask standards
    - ASTM F2100 Level 3
    - EN14683 TYPE IIR

    - ISO 13485:2016

    - CE Mark
    - BPE + PFE + VFE > 99%
    - 3 Ply Protection
    - 30 pcs masks in plastic bag packing

  5. PM3520 / bear Size:20 x 22 x 2.5cm

    PM3520 / heart Size: 22 x 22 x 2.5cm

    PM3520 / circle Size: 20 x 20 x 2.5cm
    • Soft and comfortable to sit up straight to eat and play
    • Detachable tray
    • Size: L43.5 x W32.5 x H23 cm


  6. Size: W48 x H79.5x D10cm

    • Soft sponge padded makes baby more comfortable in use and baby also can have a
       massage on it after bath.

  7. Size: L33.3 x W30.6 x H22.7cm

    Giving your baby a bath with the Karibu Swivel Bath Seat will now be so much easier! The high back gives your baby the support it needs to sit up while you bath your baby. The handle of bath seat can be opened for your baby to sit up and taking your baby out easily. Beside, Swivel Bath Seat can be rotated 360 degrees and comes with suction
    cups on the bottom which provide a secure hold for extra safety.



    • Three positions for use: Face out, Face in, Hip seat.
    • It holds baby right next to a parent at a comfortable level for viewing her surroundings.
    • The seat balances baby on one hip instead of directly in front of the body. It provides a firm shelf for the child to sit on and supports their increasingly heavy weight from underneath.
    • Free movement of arms and legs develops motor skills and balance.
    • The carrier adjusts to fit Mom or Dad by cinching the waist strap 
    • Removable pad, carrier body allows for greater airflow
    • Includes: Organic washable bib,organic washable pad and sleeping hood
    • Naturally organic, made from soft, organically grown cotton
    • For child between 3.5kg and 20kg only
    • Size: W34 x H34 x D30 cm


    Colours and Patterns:

  8. Size:W135 x L135 x H126cm(Unfolded)
            W135 x L240 x H4cm(Folded)

    The unique feature of Fun Series is that it makes better use of space by its easy transformation into multiple play structures such as Fun Playroom, Playmat and Fun Play Yard.

    • Can be used from new-born baby
    • Excellent in absorbing impact providing babies and children with great protection
       from injury
    • Multi-Purpose for various activites
    • Comfortable & secret space for kids andbabies
    • Durable, safe and environment-friendlymaterials
    • Easy to clean

  9. Size: W9.8 x H9.6 x D7.3cm

    • Ideal for home & outdoor
    • Holds 3 doses of ready-to-mix baby formula milk
  10. PM1839/UK market(Size: W4.3 x H4.3 x D2.3cm)
    PM1853/US market'9Size: W2.8 x H2.8 x D2.6cm)
    PM2377/New Zealand & Austraila market(Size: W3.4 x H3 x D1.8cm)

    • Keep prying fingers away from electrical sockets
    • Set of 6 pcs
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